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Central Arizona Valley
Institute of Technology

2023–2024 CAVIT Enrollment

Current sophomores, juniors, seniors, and high school graduates, up to the age of 21, within our Pinal County boundary are eligible to apply. Information on our career offerings is available on our Programs page.

CAVIT will begin enrollment activity for the 2023–2024 school year in January. Check back in December for dates and information to secure a classroom seat for next year!

      Enrollment Information

      • We will excuse students participating in sports and high school sponsored events from CAVIT.
      • Each participating high school provides daily transportation to CAVIT.
      • We will charge adult students new to CAVIT the $2,800 yearly tuition fee.
      • CAVIT provides two uniform sets at no cost. Students wear uniforms daily to CAVIT as part of our dress code requirement. Students must arrive at CAVIT dressed in their uniform.
      • CAVIT awards a certificate of completion to second year students who successfully complete all requirements.
      • CAVIT and high school calendars do not align. We require students to attend CAVIT during high school breaks, intersessions, and early release days.
      • CAVIT provides accommodations and modifications identified in the IEP/504 for students who are concurrently enrolled in high school. Students who graduate from high school or have a GED will not be eligible for these services. The student will need to self-advocate for reasonable accommodations that align to industry certifications.
      • Grading Scale - 90–100% A Grade, 80–89% B Grade, 70–79% C Grade, 69% and below - F Grade.
      • CAVIT does not award credit for D or F grades.
      • CAVIT issues one elective credit per semester.