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Central Arizona Valley
Institute of Technology
Female police officer and police cars - New for 2021- 2022

Our Law Enforcement Program for 2024–2025

Program Highlights

  • Perform law enforcement operations such as SWAT techniques, traffic control, and police car maneuvers.
  • Examine the critical roles of dispatch, corrections, rehabilitation, and probation in the criminal justice system.
  • Strengthen your mind and body through rigorous mental and physical training including advanced self-defense tactics.
  • Apply forensic science and investigative techniques to process crime scenes and interview suspects.

Career Focus

  • Upon successful completion of the one-year course, students have the opportunity to apply for state-licensed security guard, crime scene management, CPR, and OSHA law enforcement industry certifications.

    Listing of Instructional Topics

    • Arizona Legislation
    • Court Procedures
    • Crime Scene Management
    • Emergency and Non-Emergency Call Talking
    • Evidence Collection and Processing
    • Federal Agencies
    • Officer Safety
    • Patrol Procedures
    • Report Writing
    • Search and Seizure
    • Technology Advancements
    • Traffic Stops
    • Use of Force

    Security Guard Entry Level Salary Range*

    • Hourly: $12.07–$15.24
    • Annual: $25,100–$31,690

    *Source - Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment & Wages

    Related Career Pathways

    • Attorney*
    • Border Patrol Officer*
    • Correctional Officer
    • Crime Scene Technician*
    • Criminologist*
    • Detective*
    • Dispatching
    • FBI Agent*
    • Forensic Technician
    • Judge*
    • Loss Prevention
    • Military Personnel
    • Police Officer*
    • Private Investigator*
    • Security Officer

    *with additional education in this field.