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Two Ancient Civilizations Can Teach Us to Make Better New Year’s Resolutions 2017-12-28

December nears its end, and we find ourselves again ready to welcome a new year. A chance for new beginnings, whether literal or metaphorical. New year’s resolutions are commonplace in our society today.

Student Success Story: Jacob Montoya 2017-12-22

Let us start with this: in a few months, Jacob will become one of the youngest police officers ever in the state of Arizona.

Why CAVIT Con 2017 Was Such a Big Deal…and Why We Will Continue to Make It Bigger and Better! 2017-12-11

Back in August of this year, I was sitting in Mike’s office as we were brainstorming ideas to better provide a robust, “out of the classroom” experience for our students. So often, as schools, we are stuck in the career fair/job fair/college fair events that saturate the public education calendar every year.

CAVIT Student Success Story: Jason Rodriguez 2017-09-06

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we do not plan. Sometimes these work out well for us. Sometimes these do not. However, in Jason’s case the situation he fell into ended up pulling him into a career path that he fell in love with. 

CAVIT Student Success Story: Jordyn Downie 2017-08-01

As children we often become animal lovers with our first pet- a cuddly cat, an adorable puppy, or some other family member that steals our hearts. Well Jordyn is no different. However, with the delivery of her first pet, a domestic longhair cat that she named Rusty, she knew the path in front of her.

CAVIT Student Success Story: Officer Lorenzo Teruya 2017-06-01

As I was walking around this year’s AZ SKILLSUSA Conference watching our amazing CAVIT students compete (and win)! I was introduced to Mr. Teruya. Now, at the time I did not know who he was. He was introduced to me as a judge at the competition for the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice competitors. He was well spoken and I could tell that he had the admiration of the staff member that introduced us. Continuing talking to Lorenzo I discovered that he was actually a CAVIT graduate of the Law Enforcement Program and is not only an AZ SKILLSUSA judge but also a full-time member of the police force. The more I talked with Lorenzo the more I started to get a picture of his character, his dedication, and his success. At that point, I knew I wanted to cover him as a CAVIT success story. He is the embodiment of a goal-achiever and a very impressive young man.

A Guest Post From TFS Founder Mark Perna 2017-05-12

Founder's Perspective: Where We Want CTE to be in Five Years. By Mark C. Perna

CAVIT Student Success Story: Sydney Warren 2017-05-08

Sydney and I connected through Facebook. Her message started to talk about her journey since leaving CAVIT. It was long…and VERY impressive. At that moment, I knew that I had our next student success story.

Teeth And Dogs Get Good Care While Students Learn At CAVIT 2017-05-04

Last Tuesday found Kiara Bush, 18, carefully shaving a dog around his business end, while Alexxis Stone, 18, kept a sharp eye on a small screen, monitoring the animals respiratory and heart rates. 

From One Moment to the Next: A guest post from Sandy Merz 2017-05-01

April 30, 2017: Last Monday in Coolidge, I was coaching a cohort of teachers who are pursuing the National Board Certificates. Ben Barth, a massage therapy teacher at the Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology (CAVIT), was in the zone.

CAVIT Student Success Story: Kelsee Haws 2017-04-20

The first time I met Kelsee I was immediately impressed from the way she poised herself, to her friendly smile, and then by her story. She is a unique young woman to say the least.